Greentree ERP Software

Greentree ERP Software simplifies and streamlines your business processes, whatever your size, industry or business function, to make you more effective and profitable.

Run your business with just one solution. Greentree ERP Software is a fully integrated, powerful system that grows with your company. The suites of Financial Management, Distribution, Job Costing, Supply Chain, HR and Payroll, CRM, Service and Asset Management, Reporting and BI, Workflow, Mobile and eBusiness contain a wide range of modules and sub-modules. 99% out of the box and fully customisable – you simply switch on what you need, knowing that all the modules will work cohesively because they’re one complete business management platform.

  • Low total cost of ownership – strong ROI
  • Work your business your way – from anywhere
  • Easy to learn – familiar windows environment
  • Superb management accounting – critical up-to-the-minute management information
  • Improve workflow efficiencies – access to organisational data plus process improvements
  • Windows and browser-based options – delivering new capabilities and business opportunities
Greentree ERP Systems Financial Management

Financial Management

Powerful, integrated, scalable corporate financial management software for instant, reliable and accurate information that maximises the control you have over your business performance, results and growth.

Financial Management
Greentree ERP Systems Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management

Manage your customers, suppliers, sales and service processes effectively. CRM is a powerful suite that helps you define the organisations your business comes into contact with and take a holistic view of your relationship with them.

Customer Relationship Management
Greentree ERP Systems Supply Chain & Distribution Solutions

Supply Chain & Distribution

Drive sales, exceed customer expectations and streamline workflow. Improve your complete supply process, from request through to delivery with software that delivers slick, accurate inventory and warehouse management.

Supply Chain & Distribution
Greentree ERP Systems Job Cost Management Solutions

Job Cost Management

Integrates live control and tracking of all job-related resources – empower your teams with the tools to quickly and accurately allocate time, resources, materials, purchases and revenues to jobs and projects, for ultimate efficiency and cost control.

Job Cost Management
Greentree ERP Systems Workflow & Business Process Management

Workflow & BPM

Greentree Workflow gives you a real-time proactive view of your key business information providing total visibility, averting errors and streamlining business processes. With BPM automate routine daily processes, to deliver consistent, controlled results.

Workflow & BPM
Greentree Service & Asset Management Software

Service & Asset Management

Solutions to manage every aspect of your services work and assets, to enable you to maintain the high level of service that your customers expect. Plus deliver self-service systems for customers and staff to interact with your business online.

Service & Asset Management
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“Greentree enables us to access organisational information and meet our compliance obligations, faster and more efficiently than we ever have before. Without it, we simply couldn’t attract, manage or retain the level of donor funding we have today.”

Kerry Bosworth, Finance Director, CORD UK

Greentree’s Excel integration provided the perfect solution for this UK charity when its funding livelihood became increasingly entangled in a spreadsheet web.

“With the storage of multiple budgets we can now produce the management accounts that were so difficult to produce before and with the storage of statistical information we can also generate daily trading reports, monthly marketing reports and information on ticket trends.”

Karen Taylor, Management Accountant, Castle Howard Estate Ltd

Greentree ERP Systems for Tourism Companies
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