eHR is an employee self-service portal that allows staff to access and maintain their personal records in Greentree via a browser.

eHR frees up your HR resources. Reduce the time spent on administration and the number of requests by employees, empowering staff by putting their personal information in their control. HR will spend more time making a contribution to your business goals and you can also be confident that analysis will be based on accurate data.

eHR integrates seamlessly with HR Management giving authorised staff access to real-time staff records and updates. Given the sensitive nature of employee information, eHR respects the security settings within Greentree HR Management and gives the option to employ security rules that can be applied to individuals and teams to control their ability to perform functions or access particular records.

Authorised employees can proactively manage their own records; change their address, contact and emergency details, Direct Deposit banking details, check annual leave and pay information securely. When alterations are made to employee data an audit record is automatically generated with details of the amendments, date and time.

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Easy access for payroll review

With eHR you can review salary and pay issues over the internet and gives employees access to view pay history and deductions for their own reference. Authorised management may also access employee pay information remotely, saving time and staff resources.

Leave requests and balances at your fingertips

The impact to operations of poorly managed leave planning can be significant. eHR provides a one-stop portal for employees’ leave balance and history for all annual, sick, personal and other leave. Authorised HR administrators and management can quickly review and analyse employee leave history remotely for requests and approvals.

Easy management approval process

The Leave Approval functionality in eHR improves the efficiency of your company’s leave approval practice streamlining the request and approval procedure.