Sales Order Processing Software

Sales order processing software to quickly, efficiently and accurately process sales orders in real-time. Improve your customer service levels and ensure that every hard won sale is reflected in your bottom line.

Processing customer sales orders ‘live’ and getting it right first time makes for a smarter slicker operation. Empower your front-line sales staff with instant access to the information they need to capture the sale, offer alternative or complementary items, source from another location or back-order and give a realistic time frame for delivery with Greentree sales order processing software. Offer ‘purchase-to-order’ and commit that item to the sales order to ensure it’s not sold. Do all this in real-time plus quote a new price on-the-fly if you need to. Your customer doesn’t need to commit to the quote; simply hold and track then convert it into a ‘live’ sale without re-keying a single digit. You can tell your customer the exact status and progress of every item in their order at any time during the sales and distribution process. This is very responsive customer service ensuring every sale counts.

Prompt regular customers to turn frequent orders into ‘period orders’ to help reduce the incidence of lost sales due to items being unavailable. This saves considerable time by generating automatic frequent and repeat orders in seconds.

Sales growth can be constrained by inefficient inventory management so Greentree’s Sales Order Processing and Inventory Management modules are highly integrated to ensure you can instantly respond to your customers, sometimes unexpected order requirements. The Accounts Receivable module is also highly integrated; everything that happens is updated instantly. This prevents sales orders from being processed for customers with overdue accounts – you’re in complete control.

You can design the sales and distribution process any way you want for example match the sequence in which the delivery truck does your deliveries. If you have inventory in multiple locations, print packing slips according to where the warehouses are located and in the sequence the delivery truck visits each location. For customers with multiple delivery addresses print packing slips according to where each is located – it’s your process, you choose.

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Real-time enquiry and reporting for better decision making

Greentree empowers the entire organisation with a live view of what is happening in the business at any time. Your sales manager can see which inventory items are slow movers, which items the sales people are selling the most of, which sales person is ahead of budget or needing a little ‘encouragement’ and which items need a greater sales effort. The business decision making process instantly impacts the bottom line in real-time. Management becomes pro-active.

24/7 customer service

Greentree’s WebStore enables your customers to order online with immediate updating of the database. Customers have instant access to their complete account set-up including discounts, back orders, sales history etc at a time that suits them – no waiting, no queues.

Reduce distribution costs – ‘drop ship’ supplier-to-customer delivery

If you’re looking to reduce distribution costs or you simply don’t have a distribution centre you can automatically assign a customer’s delivery address to a purchase order so goods are delivered from the supplier directly to the customer. This is ideal for web-based businesses where the key focus is to sell goods and distribute them directly to the customer at the best possible price.

Ensure inventory is at the right place at the right time

Sales Order Processing fully integrates with the Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) module. MRP uses sales order detail plus sales forecasts to calculate what and when items are required. The result is a series of suggested actions designed to ensure customer orders are ready and available on time ensuring you meet or exceed customer expectations.

Access critical customer information on the move

Greentree’s Mobile Sales Management suite provides your sales and customer service staff with the tools to answer customer queries, raise sales orders and provide quotations on the go or when meeting with customers. Delivering customer orders rapidly and accurately, maximising sales potential from customer accounts and providing the best possible levels of customer service are goals all businesses strive to achieve. Any delays in these areas result in customer complaints, unnecessary sales credits, extra shipping costs or lost sales, all costing your staff time and your business money.

Each mobile user can be provided a filtered set of your enterprise data, for example, customer information only for a sales region of relevance. This ensures security of information as well as optimum efficiency resulting in more effective use of time when with your customer.

Accurate planning of inventory purchasing requirements through MRP

The Purchase Order module fully integrates with the Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) module. MRP references numerous key business activities including sales forecasts, sales orders, purchases orders and inventory to determine exactly when and what items are required to be purchased to produce the most timely and competitively priced products and services for customers. MRP generates suggested actions to monitor overdue purchase orders, orders that can be deferred and advice of purchase orders that are no longer required as a resulting of changing demand. MRP is ideal for distribution businesses to provide accurate planning of inventory purchasing requirements.

Improved productivity through data handling efficiencies

Greentree’s EDI allows data to be entered once only, by the initiator. From there it flows effortlessly and instantaneously through connected systems according to established business rules. Staff are freed from needless re-keying offering significant opportunities to improve workflow management and ultimately improve business productivity.

Microsoft Office Excel® as a sales data source

If you have open sales orders in another system and need to extract these into Greentree you can create a template in Microsoft Office Excel to import the data into Greentree Sales Orders. This saves time in initial set-up of Greentree and there’s no need to consider third party systems.

  • Fully integrated solution – every drop of business intelligence is extracted from every transaction which translates into aggregated business value.
  • Online and mobile access to information – answer customer queries, raise sales orders and provide quotations on the go or when meeting with customers.
  • Manage backorders with ease – and give a realistic time-frame for delivery.
  • Effective credit control – prevent sales orders from being processed for customers with overdue accounts.
  • Flexible packing slips and invoices – it’s your process, you design your sales and distribution process any way you want.
  • Efficiently track and manage inventory – fully integrated with the Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) module to ensure customer orders are ready and available on time.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – enter data only once to improve workflow management and productivity.