Factory Orders

The end result of MRP and Bill of Materials, Factory Orders puts you fully in the picture on what products you need to produce.

A key component in our Manufacturing suite, easily and accurately manage the assembly of products for make to order and make to stock manufacturing requirements, ensuring you know exactly what materials are required, at what cost.

Optimise productivity by fine-tuning production schedules and improve future planning with the facility to identify the differences between the Bill of Materials’ standards and actual usage.

A wide range of reports and filters ensures that management get exactly the information they need to make fully informed and reliable business decisions about the BOM and Factory Order processes.

Download Factory Orders Brochure

Inventory management

Slash production time and error rates with the straightforward factory order initiation with all options automatically selected. Make manual adjustments to the factory order during production to reflect the actual production picture, not just what was planned.

Choose whether to auto-issue on commit or back-flush materials for the production run to take charge of your variances. Ordered, committed and in-production items are always displayed in real-time and updated in the Inventory module so you always have the absolute up-to-the-minute picture of exactly what is available and where it’s located.

Manufacturing Planning Board

Get the very latest picture as the factory order situation is updated live to the Planning Board as new orders are created and receipted. This graphical view adds shape and flow to a seemingly complex bill of materials structure. View your planning schedule and drag and drop factory orders into the optimum production sequence with the added benefit of an export into Microsoft Excel. Optimise your productivity by fine-tuning production right down to minutes within each hour.

Control costs and processes

Costs are managed and calculated automatically and multiple options ensure that all costs associated with the planning and production process are included in the final production figure. Keep a close eye on items as they progress through the production cycle to ensure timely customer delivery. Order status and lead times are updated automatically so you have the reassurance of knowing that delivery timescales are accurate.

Manufacturing variance reporting

Hone your future planning with the facility to identify the differences between the bill of materials’ standards and actual usage.