Point of Sale (POS) Software

Maximise customer experience, control inventory and secure your POS system at every level and point of access.

Greentree’s fully integrated POS leverages the core capabilities of the Supply Chain and Distribution suite to give you the flexibility to easily manage retail sales within your operation. Fully integrated, you can be sure of live links to inventory, pricing and customer accounts.

POS can be configured to suit very simple business structures, or complex structures such as those with a head office and multiple ‘off-site’ locations or branches.

Create an audit trail; set parameters to control each data entry point by operator, station, branch and company to ensure that all transaction activity is managed, tracked, recorded and traceable.

Secure logins mean only approved operators are able to access the transaction entry program whilst the POS station is allocated to a branch location.

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Point-of-sale stations

Easily set up locations, segmentation and user preferences by workstation using a variety of configuration options. Achieve the flexibility you require to benefit customers and sales operators rather than change your processes to fit the system.

Access all transaction entry requirements (sale, return, quote, receipt and refund) through one easy-to-use screen with the option of restricting access to functions by user preferences.

Platform support

Easily carry out implementation as standard POS technologies are supported e.g. cash draws, barcode scanners and docket printers. Accept a variety of credit and debit card payment options as well as cash and cheques.

Maximise data entry efficiency

Maximise data entry efficiency by minimising the number of keystrokes required to enter a sales transaction and other time-saving factors; barcode scanners save time and ‘hotkeys’ enable instant access to options and forms during data entry. Data entry can also be configured to a user’s personal preferences.

Online access

A number of tasks can be undertaken during POS transaction entry to help improve customer service. Create a new customer account, save a pending sale for recall later or convert a quote into a sale on-the-fly. Operators can also access live inventory so customers can be given price and availability, at all locations across your busines. You can create account customers via Accounts Receivable so the POS module recognises this and defers payment.

EFT POS integration ensures immediate payment

POS integrates with select EFT POS systems for credit or debit card payments to be automatically processed. This saves time for customers, ensures accuracy as no re-keying is required and guarentees you immediate secure payment.