Data Import Manager

An intelligent interface tool that allows for fail-safe data integration and consolidation.

Automate data imports from feeder systems with comprehensive error trapping, mapping of data, rules based routing whilst maintaining a full audit trail. Data imports can be scheduled and automatically poll folder locations to bring in new data.

Automated Imports

Data Import Manager polls folder locations on a predefined regular basis checking if data needs to be imported. There is no longer any need to manually pull in files this simply happens in the background, emails are sent informing administrators of any failed import or successful imports if desired.


Greentree’s Data Import Manager can handle the mapping of data with different codes so for example should your feeder system be coded with customer code ABC and Greentree has that customer code as ABC100 the data import manager can map transactions for ABC100 from transaction with the code ABC. This mapping is simple to set up but saves hours of time on every import and streamlines data processing whilst maintaining full integrity.


With Greentree Data Import Manager data is automatically routed as it is imported based on rules. There is no need any more to worry about an import file that contains sales invoices, cash receipts and credit notes – the transactions will be imported as appropriate. Greentree provides a simple interface as outlined below to allow the user to define how transactional data should be handled.

Error trapping

Maintain data integrity as data is imported carrying out comprehensive checks to ensure data is complete. As files are successfully imported they can be moved from one folder location to another so ensuring an audit trail as well as marking them as successfully imported. Should a transaction be picked up as inaccurate or incomplete notifications are emailed to appropriate users and full logs maintained for the user to investigate and resolve.

Download Data Import Manager Brochure
Greentree Data Import Manager
  • Improve productivity – with fast access to non-integrated data for processing, scheduling regular imports of data automatically, decreasing the amount of time employees devote to the task of importing and integrating data. Automatic email notification will inform staff on success and completion of import activity with log files if required. Scheduled import progress can be easily monitored at any time.
  • Flexible – users choose single or multiple files to import, specify file types, define, create and assign new file directories and names, import attachments and save log files from one user-friendly screen.
  • Accurate and consistent data – you can be confident that imported information is accurate and consistent with company defined standards. Users receive notifications of any errors in data import with the attachment of any relevant log files.
  • Customised data import function – customise import requirements to suit company templates and manipulate information through translation tables before import into Greentree data fields.
  • Complete audit trail of import activities – users can check all imported transactions and review individual schedules, notifications, logs and linked records.
  • Import Microsoft Office Word and Excel documents and images – allows for Word documents, Excel documents and graphical images to be imported and linked to records within Greentree.
  • Data export – users can export certain key master file data to allow third party systems to validate their own data prior to sending data to Greentree. The Interface Setup allows a flexible choice of what and when the data is to be exported.