Fixed Assets Software

Manage assets, minimise tax & plan for future disposals & capital investments with Greentree Fixed Assets.

You will know exactly where your fixed assets are located, their exact value and planned depreciation so you can more effectively plan your capital purchases and disposals.

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  • Multiple depreciation rules – you have two sets of depreciation books – one for accounting purposes (which integrates to the General Ledger) and the other for taxation or management reporting purposes. You set up the depreciation rules you need for each asset in each book. Assets can be depreciated either on a straight line or diminishing values basis. Depreciation is calculated on a daily, periodic, half yearly or annual basis with the ability to use different rates and rules from different effect dates as your depreciation policies dictate.
  • Fully integrated solution – fully integrated with the Greentree General Ledger. Depreciation, disposal, revaluations and additions are automatically reflected in the appropriate General Ledger accounts. When assets or additions to assets are purchased through Accounts Payable this is reflected in the Fixed Asset module. Depreciation amounts can also be posted to a job on a per-asset basis. This means individual plant items being tracked on an income and expense basis, using Job Costing, can be more accurately monitored.
  • Asset grouping – categorise assets using the user definable asset trees for logical grouping of items such as all vehicles together for simplicity. Asset groups can have depreciation rules and rates applied to them as well as define the General Ledger accounts that are posted to for assets within that group. Group assets together and hold parent/child relationships so you can individually track and depreciate sub assets or treat a group of assets as a whole. The categorisation of assets makes management reporting simpler.
  • Asset tracking – an unlimited amount of user definable fields can be assigned to an asset for tracking and reporting purposes. As standard serial number, location and ‘profit centre’ (branch, division, department, etc.) can be held against an asset and used to default account code segments when posting to the General Ledger. Move assets from one location to another individually or in bulk ensuring that depreciation amounts are posted to the correct ‘profit centres’ at all times.
  • Insurance – insurance policy details can be tracked against each asset, allowing you to swiftly locate policy details when you need to.
  • Forecasting facility – you can forecast depreciation using the standard forecast reports. These allow you to run ‘what if’ scenarios on asset depreciation so you can plan your asset movements more effectively. Monitor and incorporate changing conditions such as new government depreciation schedules which can then be rolled into future budget plans.
  • Excel links – fixed assets and transactions can quickly be imported from Excel using Financial Reporting Engine in Excel (F.R.E.E.) functions. All Greentree’s database validation rules and user security are respected, providing a totally secure flow of data. In this way it is quick to transfer Fixed Asset data from legacy systems, as well as process transactions or adjustments entered into Excel templates, by remote users.