General Ledger Software

Review accurate and timely financial information instantly with Greentree’s General Ledger.

With all the features you would expect from a future-proof accounting software package the General Ledger is the core of your financial management system. Greentree’s flexible yet comprehensive analysis structures mean you can quickly produce both periodic and ad-hoc management reports to support your organisation’s informational needs. Set your chart of accounts with multiple levels, produce unlimited budgets, post transactions to future or prior periods and create recurring or external journal entries.

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  • Flexible chart of account structure – you can analyse financial and statistical information in an unlimited number of ways. A traditional multi-segment account code structure can be created and rolled up using financial trees into any reporting hierarchy required simultaneously. Alongside this are transaction trees which provide unlimited additional financial analysis outside of the traditional chart of account structure. Transaction trees can be used to capture items such as employee, project, motor vehicle etc. which each transaction line relates to. Once this data is captured extensive easy to use enquiries and reports are at your fingertips providing exceptional management information.
  • Flexible multi-level reporting structures – create as many multi-level reporting trees as required to summarise your group financial information. Maintained simultaneously they allow you to report on the same information in different ways for different management purposes – for example you may want to summarise by region, product group or management hierarchy as well as provide reports via a statutory structure. Information can be reported on by account number or segment, such as a profit centre. Almost any financial reporting requirement can be easily fulfilled. Trees defined in Greentree’s General Ledger can be reported on in Excel providing accurate and live analysis for any financial period, and you have the ability to drill-down back into the underlying transactions down to the source data or scanned image.
  • Fast data entry – whether you are entering journals, invoices or orders it is easy to find the appropriate nominal account code. Greentree makes good use of short codes to quickly assist in finding accounts as well as providing default accounts where possible. Journals are quick to enter, whether standard, recurring or imported from Excel. You can attach spreadsheets of complex calculations to journals to aid future audit questions.
  • Save time with recurring journals – define once and automatically generate over a specific time period. Accruals can also be created and auto reversed in defined future periods.
  • External journal feeds – save time by bringing journals directly in from Excel. All database validation rules and user security is respected allowing Excel to act as a front end to Greentree data entry if desired. Alternatively you can use Greentree’s Data Import Manager to schedule journal imports on a regular basis from feeder systems.
  • Online enquiries – view transactions for any range of periods, information can be provided at transaction level or summarised by type/period. Powerful filters and search criteria enable you to quickly locate transaction(s). You can drill-down to any level of detail including the scanned image of the source transaction.
  • Budget Management – create and maintain an unlimited number of budgets and forecasts. Budgets can hold both financial and statistical information to allow for variance reporting at all levels. Budgets can be created and maintained in Excel and updated into Greentree with Greentree’s Excel functions.
  • Period control – if your permissions allow you can post transactions into both future and prior periods. Particularly useful at year end for adjustments as well as posting fixed costs into future periods. Financial reports can be run for any period required including historical periods.
  • Intercompany processing – cater for multiple companies with different base currencies, accounting periods and year ends to process transactions between them. Intercompany transactions automatically post to intercompany clearing accounts so ensuring that all your company’s ledgers remain in balance.
  • Allocations – you can allocate amounts automatically in Greentree so allocating telephone bills, for example, across departments by percentages. This process saves time and improves accuracy as only a single posting is required by the user whilst Greentree takes care of the allocation based on the rules created.
  • Secure access permission control – users can only access the modules, menu options, accounts and data you allow. This ensures your company’s data integrity and that secure information such as payroll or directors expenses are only available to appropriate users.
  • Greentree provides management reporting in two ways – F.R.E.E. & Webview

    F.R.E.E. (Financial reporting Engine in Excel)
    – We know that accountants like Excel and all its powerful functions so F.R.E.E. allows direct secure connectivity between Greentree and Excel. F.R.E.E. allows management reports to be quickly built from the ground up by an accountant. Reports are real-time reading the data from Greentree as the Excel worksheets are refreshed. From summary balances inside the Excel management reports it is possible to drill-down into Greentree and through to the source transaction (and scanned image) in any sub ledger. Excel functions provides formatting, slicing and dicing function that can enhance F.R.E.E. reports to make powerful management reporting packs.

    Webview Financial Reporting – outputs management reports onto any device or browser, with an internet connection, allowing staff to view formatted hierarchical financial reports as well as drill-down from financial summaries to the source transaction and also add comments.