Job Cost Management

Empower your teams with the tools to quickly and accurately allocate time, resources, materials, purchases and revenues to jobs and projects, for ultimate efficiency and cost control.

Fully integrated, the Greentree Job Cost Management modules provide greater visibility and insight into your job and project costs at any time, ensuring your organisation has the agility required to respond to customer needs for your products and services before your competitors.

If you use Microsoft Project for your task and resource planning, the Microsoft Project Interface provides a user-friendly link back and forth between Greentree, with easy to follow wizards.

Greentree Integrated ERP System

Greentree Job Cost Management

Job Costing

View real-time job status and profitability any time, gain greater visibility and insight into your costs and ensure your business has the agility required to capably respond to customer needs for your products and services. Integrated with other Greentree modules cost efficiencies transcend through all your business processes from job quoting/estimating, purchase ordering and inventory requisition right through to invoicing and general ledger.

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  • Unlimited-level job structures
  • Pre-defined job templates
  • Live up-to-date view of costs and revenue
  • Highly visual planning boards
  • Extensive data filtering capabilities
  • Work Centre Management

Greentree Advanced Job Cost Management

Advanced Job Costing

Enhance your job costing effectiveness further with this sub-module, which include revenue recognition and retention management plus many additional functions to deliver expanded levels of control for project costs, revenue and accountability.

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  • Revenue Recognition
  • Manage out-of-scope problems easily
  • Better predict future income
  • Retention management
  • Full invoice audit trails

Greentree eTimesheets


Greentree’s eTimesheet module allows employees to submit their time and expenses on the move, via a web browser on any mobile device. Organisations can ensure that invoices are issued promptly, billing disputes are minimised and that management have a powerful tool for employee time and expense analysis and approval.

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  • Easy to use – simple to follow forms
  • Track employee productivity
  • Each time/expense entry is seamlessly reflected on the job
  • Payroll integration
  • Approvers can identify missing timesheets