Bookings Management Software

A flexible, easy to use and efficient solution for organisations that require co-ordination of events or the booking of resources.

Complete integration with other Greentree modules enables Bookings Management to handle all aspects of bookings, including confirmation letters and invoicing where applicable.

Bookings Management is ideal for many varied organisations – most commonly Corporate Hospitality Management, Professional Training, Seminar Logistics and Accommodation, Venue and Studio Management and Talent Management companies.

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  • Invitation lists made easy – whether you are inviting customers or prospects to a seminar, conference or business development function it has never been easier. This time saving tool draws on Greentree contact records and you can use a number of different methods such as inclusion/exclusion criteria, amalgamation of existing lists, manual contact selection to create your list, and have the ability to apply the filtering processes repetitively if required.
  • Bulk email and mail merges – send selective or bulk emails as well as perform mail merges – ideal when issuing invitations or distributing update information for existing bookings. All communications are recorded against each contact recipient, providing the bookings co-ordinator with an audit trail of contact and a searchable reference point for future use.
  • User friendly Resource Planner – as bookings are made they are automatically reflected in the Resource Planner, a simple graphical interface that gives a visual account of resource deployment. Users can drill-down to view detailed information about either the attributes or capabilities of the given resource, or the individual booking details.The Resource Planner can be utilised by a wide array of industries, with its versatility enhanced by several features, including: day or night orientation for use in an accommodation bookings, user-defined allowance/disallowance of ‘double-bookings’ with respect to each resource, or a group of resources and seating, table or room allocations for conference, seminars, golf days or dinner bookings.
  • Financial management and profitability reporting – when used for revenue generating activities the related income and expenses are tracked and posted to the nominated General Ledger accounts. A financial summary provides you with a breakdown of the activity’s profitability compared with the targets specified at the outset.
  • Direct quotes and invoices – when chargeable bookings are made, quotes can be generated directly from the bookings screen and once the quote is accepted, an invoice can be automatically generated and update the customers account in Accounts Receivable.
  • Advanced reporting – a range of reports are provided with the ability to select a wide range of filters including date ranges, ‘Co-ordinated By’, ‘Approved By’, and price level. Users can also design their own reports using the powerful built in Greentree Report Writer, or with external reporting tools that support Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC).
  • Secure data – when applicable, security administrators can utilise generalised ‘team-based’ rules to specify a department or team’s ability to either view or edit individual bookings.