Give your customers access to online self-service information systems; provide access so users can log their own support requests, monitor the current status of calls, issues and other information.

Greentree’s eService module is an easy-to-use system for customers and staff to interact with your business online. Designed for rapid implementation into almost any service-based organisation a range of standard data entry and enquiry functions are available that can be easily customised and implemented into your existing website.

eService operates online with Greentree Customer Service providing real-time access to allow users to log their own support requests, as well as monitor the current status of calls, issues and other information.

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Customers can login to your website to view the status of outstanding calls and enter new ones. Requests logged via eService are automatically routed to the appropriate department and person for review and action. The issue of ‘double handling’ calls via your helpdesk is removed.

Customers and staff can communicate and manage support issues remotely using eService from their browser. Generates support calls or service requests and provides live updates to Workflow desktops to ensure their immediate visibility, for faster issue resolution times.

Managing a reseller channel

Calls can also be effectively managed for a channel-based support organisation. An example of this scenario would be a computer hardware distributor that offers a warranty or repair service for products that are sold via retail outlets. Goods may be returned for repair via the retail outlet and both the end-user customer and the retailer are able to track the status of outstanding repairs. The reseller would be able to view the status of all product repairs or issues they have outstanding, whereas the customer would be able to view their own repairs.

Knowledge Base

Link to the Knowledge Base module to assist in addressing and researching issues immediately. Customers may be able to resolve some issues themselves, without the need to contact your helpdesk at all. Completely configurable, you can limit the amount of information that is available to customers, versus your own specialist staff.

Software development

Greentree provides developers with comprehensive software change management functionality. Software changes, known as logs, can be tracked through a development lifecycle and eService provides an easy to use window on progress for resellers and customers.

Register interest

View software logs and register yourself as an interested party to a call or log, to easily keep track of progress and the final problem resolution or outcome.

Track assets and lift service levels

eService provides complete visibility of assets owned, managed or maintained by your organisation. Lift the level of your after-sales service and support by allowing customers to create support calls directly linked to the problem asset and provide full visibility of service level agreements and warranty details.

Sales enquiries responded to rapidly

Respond to customer sales enquiries rapidly as customer requests get to the right person immediately using Workflow desktops and see that the request is captured and tracked within Greentree CRM.

Call management

Manage calls for your customers as well as yourself with eService’s multiple views – ideal for service organisations that manage calls on behalf of many customers.

Leading-edge technology

eService utilises web-based protocols to provide an interface that can be easily adapted to a range of business requirements. A ‘web services’ engine manages communications between the main Greentree database and external web-based systems via a SOAP/XML transport protocol. Your customers’ own systems can directly integrate with Greentree via the internet, for example your customer may have their own call logging system, in which they can create and update calls using web services from within their application.

eService has been designed for ease of implementation with minimal effort however, if required, all the eService webpages can be easily changed by an experienced web developer.

Real-time integration

Information from calls/service requests are updated to other Greentree modules providing comprehensive and immediate control over resources and planning. eService integrates in real-time with Contacts and Relationships, Customer Service, Asset Management, Knowledge Base and Job Costing.