Reports and Documents

Create, manage, share and track financial reports and other business documents from the one easily searchable, secure location.

Share vital business information from financial reports to certificates and legal documents across your organisation with ease. Get the right information, to the right person, at the right time.

Alerts notify staff when items are waiting to be read, detailing when they’ve been amended or updated so you’re always looking at the most recent version and details are never missed. Add and share notes on a report, manage report versions with ease, link to any associated documents and see full audit trail including access history and commentary.

Accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile with a secure login you can manage who has access and editing rights on at individual report level. You can also view the reports in Greentree through a menu option or from the Workflow Desktop.

Financial Reports

With the user-definable reports created in Financial Report Designer whether day-to-day financial reporting or highly sophisticated Board or Management reports, users with the required security clearance will have the ability to drill-down to the source transactions and view any underlying invoices or attachments stored against those records.

Other business documents

Any documents external to Greentree can simply be uploaded into the Reports and Documents library – no need for third-party drop boxes. Agendas, customer contracts, bill of materials, method statements, risk assessments, maps, photos etc can all be stored. Organise the library as you want it, so you can drill-down into as many different layers of information as you want.

Once in the document library link to the document from as many destinations within Greentree as you like and any changes are automatically reflected. As an example a product manual held in the document library can be linked to a stock item and if the manual is updated the latest version is automatically linked to that stock item.

Smart scheduling and version control

Define which reports are run and when; view reports ‘live’ recalculated every time viewed, or as pre-run published reports with saved data. Set an expiry date at document creation, particularly useful items such as budget reviews, and define at which point the report will no longer be viewable. Distribute reports in Excel or as a PDF, for example reports can be saved as a secure PDF for read-only audiences.

Document Management

Reports and Documents maintains a full comprehensive audit trail across the history of any report or document – date, time and user ID stamps detail who has opened any document, who has made changes to it and who has added notes against it. This level of tracking ensures that you are able to know exactly where you are on important documents such as sales proposals and contracts.

  • Improve communication & collaboration – any document can be accessed making it a very effective collaboration tool which encourages communication and reduces duplication of effort
  • Multi-user access levels – control what each user can access through highly granular access controls
  • Total visibility – enquire, report and review documents through the permissions based purpose designed library
  • Full integration – take advantage of the full integration with all Greentree modules