Workflow Desktop – Live Dashboards

Workflow Desktop ‘Dashboards’ give you total role-based visibility to start making effective informed decisions knowing exactly what is happening in your business.

Create multiple ‘Desktop Views’ for immediate visibility of your key information across your organisation. Information may be selected, re-routed and ‘drilled into’ for immediate access to source transactions. Desktop Views can be created to suit user roles allowing staff to interact with data and make informed business decisions whilst carrying on with everyday tasks.

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Interactive information

Workflow Desktops can interact with the function the user selects. For example when entering a sales order as a customer is selected, customer details appear, aged balances are displayed, sales history is shown giving the user all the information they need to interact with a customer on the phone. As lines are entered on the order a picture of the part is displayed, along with stock availability, open purchase orders with expected dates and price history – you define what you want to see. Finally the background space on your screen is of use.

Operational intelligence

Greentree Workflow Desktop provides you with information as you need it giving your organisation operational intelligence. Users can react to data as it happens, averting problems and improving customer service. Imagine being told before you are going to breach an SLA with enough time to do something about it not months after when it’s too late via a report.

Manage information and tasks

Individuals can monitor their workload; Managers can monitor the workload of their teams and allocate items by simply dragging and dropping tasks. This helps to ensure that sales enquiries or support requests are correctly assigned, followed up and resolved within the required time frame, or escalated to ensure expectations can be met. Service Level Agreements can be monitored and issues escalated to ensure contractual or customer expectations are met.

The structure of the Workflow Desktop helps management monitor this process in real-time with a true visual view; as items are completed, they are immediately removed from the ‘outstanding’ view on all required workstations.

User definable ‘desks’

An intuitive user definable interface, allows you to create the appropriate desktop for each role within your business. Panel sizes can be defined and a Desktop Object assigned within the panel, with a range of properties that can be set for that object, including options to view or hide selected information, as well as provide filters to allow dynamic selection of data to be viewed.

Desktop Objects form the building blocks used to populate each desk, which include a wide range of business processes, analyses or reporting objects, such as Appointments, Appointment Schedule and Planner, Communications, Follow-ups, Sales Leads, Quotes, Sales Orders, Packing Slips, Purchase Orders, Requisitions, Support/Service Calls, Service Call Schedule and Planner, Jobs and Job Totals, Bank Totals, Financial Totals, Customer ageing and balances and Supplier ageing and balances.

Favourites and bookmarks

Users can define commonly used menu options as favourites. These favourites are easily accessible from the user’s desk and once selected load the required form immediately ready for data entry. Favourites can be grouped and organised to support logical processes such as supplier payment cycles or month end tasks.

Bookmarks take the ‘favourites’ concept further by enabling you to create a shortcut to any data records you need to re-access. For example you can save a General Ledger journal or sales order half way through entry as a bookmark and return to it at a later time simply by selecting that bookmarked record.


Any type of file, including Microsoft Word and Excel, pictures and graphics, can be attached to transactions or standing data within Greentree. These can easily be retrieved via the ‘paperclip’ icon on the toolbar or through the attachments search functions.