Mobile Solutions

A suite of mobile solutions designed to extend the powerful capabilities of Greentree beyond the office.

For organisations with sales or service staff in the field, or those that operate a warehouse, you can improve field staff’s efficiency by 20%, completely eliminate administrative functions, reduce data errors by up to 100% and increase customer satisfaction dramatically, simply by introducing mobile business applications.

Industry studies have shown over 400% ROI in businesses using mobile solutions

Greentree Mobile Solutions unleash the power of your enterprise system and liberate your mobile workforce. The mobile architecture is a unique convergence of technology, standards, functionality and deployment into a single, end-to-end solution:

• One comprehensive functionality set from server to mobile
• One technology layer from server to mobile
• One deployment and update process from server to mobile
• One solution provider so you can install ‘out of the box’ with no third-party interfaces required.

Greentree Integrated ERP System


A truly mobile option for your sales team to access your key sales data at all times, in one place, both historical and upcoming – from anywhere. Greentree4Sales connects your sales engine to your business engine in the most powerful way possible.

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  • Works on desktop, laptop or tablet
  • User-friendly workspace
  • Simple display of key data
  • Tailored to the way you work
  • Comprehensive functionality

Greentree Mobile Warehouse Operations

Mobile Warehouse Operations

Greentree’s Mobile Warehouse Operations suite provides the platform for your business to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve process efficiency and increase revenue without major effort or staff upheaval.

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  • Inventory Management
  • Eliminate keying errors
  • Integrated barcode scanning
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Greentree Mobile Sales Management Solutions

Mobile Sales Management

Deliver customer orders rapidly and accurately, maximise sales potential from customer accounts and provide the best possible levels of customer service. Avoid customer complaints, unnecessary sales credits, extra shipping costs or lost sales, and unleash your sales staff so they can see more customers each day, make each engagement more effective and process orders immediately and accurately.

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  • Increase staff productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Fast and accurate data capture
  • Eliminate ordering errors
  • Sales processing – entered on the spot

Greentree Mobile Field Service Solutions

Mobile Field Service

Best-in-class service companies use mobile field service solutions to drive high performance. Empower your service personnel with immediate access to their next work request, parts availability and the ability to capture time and materials on the job without unnecessary travel time and paperwork.

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  • Faster job turnaround
  • Increased fix first time service calls
  • Improve data quality and eradicate errors
  • Order parts and view inventory onsite
  • Reduce service staff non-productive time