eCRM is an ideal solution for geographically dispersed organisations that are committed to maintaining the highest level of data integrity in their CRM system.

Add, define and maintain contacts in the Greentree CRM database from your browser. eCRM is a web portal to Greentree CRM, and all security restrictions in place are respected so each user has exactly the same rights and privileges to records whether they are using CRM or eCRM.

Each record can be defined as either an ‘organisation’ or a ‘contact’, and the relationships between each can be documented. Inter-relationships can also be defined between organisations, such as parent companies, and manager/sub-ordinate. Input all the information required including status, addresses, phone numbers, relationships to other contacts or organisations, credit information etc.

Drastically reduce administration costs by giving customers and suppliers secure access to view and manage their own accounts.

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Self-service for suppliers and customers

Empower users to access their own records. Each can login securely, and view their account status, invoices, orders, leads, quotes, communications, follow-ups, service requests and calls, which eases the burden on administrative staff.

Daily summary

Each time a user logs onto eCRM, they are presented with their daily summary that sets out tasks for the day, and those that are upcoming. Show or hide all the tasks within a particular category and drill-down to view in more detail. Tasks can include appointments, follow-ups, communications, leads, quotes, calls and service requests, or your own custom data or web links.

Create quotes

Lift sales performance by extensively using eCRM within account management and sales teams. Travelling sales representatives can enter and modify quotations, then convert quotes to sales orders on the go.

Related items summary

Users can view a list of all of the associated items that are linked to a contact or organisation record such as leads, quotes, communications, follow-ups, service requests and calls. The related items can be sorted by any column heading, and you can drill-down to retrieve the original record.

Account views

eCRM draws on the data in CRM, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable to build a view of the contacts account status. Information included in the account summary covers AR or AP invoices, sales orders or purchase orders that are associated with the contact. Drill-down to original records and also generate a customisable ageing analysis.

Powerful search tools

Users can search for contacts using any text in tandem with a number of filters that include names, phone numbers, email addresses, relationship type, status etc

Leading-edge technology

eCRM utilises web-based protocols and a ‘web services’ engine to manage communications between the main Greentree database and external web-based systems via a SOAP/XML transport protocol.